Friday, July 17, 2009

she the best i ever had

so what have i been doing these past months?

just been traveling with the wifey around cali and hawaii. best time of my life. just snapped a few pics and enjoyed the rest.

and then here i am... taking pictures of cars and things again, oh dear.

(more on the flickr)

yeah... i guess betsy missed me too.

gonna apply for some jet program and hopefully get a gig going on in japan land. if not, probably gonna move to hawaii after i graduate... great, ABC stores galore!

anyhoo, i'll update with my following photoshoots when i pick up some lighting equipment...stay tuned

you my everything.

1 comment:

cargoboxes said...

ray failed the jet thing! lol good luck with that tho babe! he said good luck too hahah! your pics are nice i love it! =]

chauie also miss you! <3