Monday, August 24, 2009

santa cruzy

chilled with eddie and ian today in santa cruz. drove around to find a nice beach or whatever, but failed. well... we found a nice pier at least, and interesting stuffs on the way.

ohh yeah, this is for herr

and heres another flower..

the santa cruz life..

part 2...

generic beach we stumbled upon,

and an fd3s :D :D :D

meet eddie, hes a japanese photographer.

meet jason, hes out of focus :/

heres the set;


over my head

Saturday, August 22, 2009

crayo amayo nogginbop

she dances.. for 5 seconds if you wind her up.

hella good...

bietnamese sandwich;

just chillaxin

dont cut me no slack tho, i need to pack... but im occupied reading this zombie survival guide. dont be making fun or nothin, when theres a zombie apocalypse, ill be prepared. i know to grow a vegetable garden if soil and rain permits.

great for the kids!


asia update coming very very soon! (2 weeks)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on the grind.

the set...

nothing spectacular, just killing time with kevin's 350. i need a new spot, been shooting this place out for awhile now...

anyhoo. the shots,

GO AWAY MARIN LAYER. ruining the sunset...

in other news. heading to santa cruz in a few hours for a photo adventure at carmel. hope there are purty clouds and junk.

Monday, August 17, 2009

how about another round of silhouettes.

marina again... why not? its only a few seconds away from the house.

credits to edward tran.

so ready to hit up napa or yosemite. give me the go!

ps. Epic Brotography LLC. established, check us out: here!

Friday, August 14, 2009

a day in china

i made a journey to china .. town today.

filled with interestingness, i decided to snap a few shots of interesting things.

like... bananas on chains, a lot of them...

i can't read chinese

and sharp fruits..

Kusagai's Gummy has the taste of apple juice and comes in an attractive small bag.

Kusagai's Gummy has the taste of muscat juice and comes in an attractive small bag.

Kusagai's Gummy has the taste of orange juice and comes in an attractive small bag.

Kusagai's Gummy has the taste of grape juice and comes in an attractive small bag.

Kusagai's Gummy has the taste of pineapple juice and comes in an attractive small bag.

... i call these engrish gummis. next time, read the descriptions on these things.

then back at home.

she finally learned to sit... good gracious.

this dude in my room going through my stuffs

yeaaaahh. but on the real, heading off to china land on the 26th. then decided to stop by japan on my way back to the states for a day or two. mufufufu :D

more photowalks and junk coming right up. peace outside.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the city, bridges, dogs and pelicans.

thats right, had some crepes. fueled up for a shoot at chrissy field area with ethan. cold, yes. if i would've known, i would have brought extra socks and maybe mittens.

here's the outcome of this short noticed shoot:




and finally, another bridge shot to conclude the day.

dang fence....


Saturday, August 8, 2009

a day with a bumblebee

who would've thought, i would be shooting another one of these.

yup... they volks

did a speedrun, since it was hella hot outside. shot everything in less than hour, and then cut. pretty satisfied with the shots.

i believe this is for sale, pm me if you have any questions.