Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ticket to ride

its time to jam... (!)

after four years here, i think ive finally realized how messy my room is... uh oh.

stopped by campus today, kicked it like old times. sat on opers field and watched the sun set ontop of the low clouds.

so cold.

Monday, September 21, 2009


ah, its been awhile.. feels different.

good ol' santa cruz.

"missing you"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

on to the next one

brotographer edward tran needed some practice with shooting up people, so i volunteered. i guess, since im leaving for santa cruz tomorrow or so and itll be our last brotographer shoot.

the outcome..

then this nog tried to copy..


keep me smilin. santa cruz... here i come :/

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wont go home without you

hello readers (if any?),

so where have i been these past few weeks? well, the asia tour! sorta. i wished i couldve updated this when i was actually there. but unfortunately, china had blocked blogspot... among with other sites i couldnt live without.
my trip started out with guangzhou, china. went back to the roots, my parents og city. however, i could never live in china. after that, i headed to taishan for a week or so to sightsee and all that good stuff.

on to the pictures, shall we. please enjoy.

and then heres this bum i saw on the street of beijing road..

that about sums up three weeks. heres my china collection in my flickr if these are not enough for you: here!

on the way back home, i decided to stop by japan for a few days. it was exciting, went to the sky aquarium in roppongi hills, then disneysea in chiba. even though we didnt have much time, i loved every second of it. though i felt like ive lost something precious when i arrived back home..

overall, the trip was amazing. great photo opportunities and it was great seeing old friends and family. i just wished i had more time.