Wednesday, January 7, 2009


well, im keeping up. heres the second addition to the collection:

today was the first day of instruction. so far, my first class is awesome. assignments in both english and japanese, woohoo...
im dreading japanese 104 though. always dreading japanese. also this linguistics class i have to take... bleh. i cant wait for tomorrow!

i feel like this quarter is going to be busier than ever... work on weekends, thesis in the works, intense classes... well sorta, and musical rehearsals to top it off.

oh yeah and my "photo project."


whats the retail on that?

more than you can afford pal... wooden car.


Monday, January 5, 2009


noticed people are doing a photo a day project... but im too lazy for that, so ill be doing a photo a week. so heres 1/52, my desk. just a day before school, im scrambling to review and catch up on my japanese. i still have about nine chapters to go, and a few hundred kanji to review. its such a disaster.

happy 09 shooting!

thought this was crazy... shoutout to the video provider scuba steve.

where do they find the time to do these shenanigans...