Monday, May 3, 2010

already one year


been rethinking back and a whole lot has changed in just one year! mind blown.. but its time to put it all behind and finally move on, me thinks.

recently visited a friend in yamanashi. such an awesome place, definitely will be visiting again soon. i absolutely love the countryside, so serene and beautiful.

from there, there i went to an onsen on top of a mountain with a lookout of the whole city at night. it was amazing. best onsen by far, hands down.. and only 700 yen!
after that there was touring the many sides of fuji-san. stunning, still puzzled by the fact that people climb that thing...

then there was the shibazakura matsuri. it was too early though, not all the flowers bloomed... after that there was this ice cave thing, pretty crazy.

overall the trip was awesome. felt so refreshed to whip out the camera once again.

please enjoy the pictures! :

by chiharu yoneyama