Monday, July 27, 2009

blame it on the a-a-alcohol


been photo shooting with the buddies and choppin it up. sorta. first off, we hit up the embarcadero in san francisco, pretty exciting. discovered some good photo opportunities, observe:

big thanks to ethan caldwell for the shot. here's a shoutout to him!

here's paula, strumming the guitar;

and finally... here's this creeeper... up to no good.


going to starbucks today... noticed this showcase looking EF civic with insane sponsors.

ok not really, i wonder whats under the hood... the wheel gap already was intimidating, four fingers yo. four fingers. so serious.

girl you know i i i
i've been feenin'
chocolate cake. real talk though, it really tasted like a chocolate cake.

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cargoboxes said...

makes me wanna try the chocolate cake now! ahahha next time! =]