Monday, September 13, 2010

party of two

Paul + Amy; engagement

finally finished the set. heres a few i'd like to share, had a blast shooting this couple. very fun!

i had this set planned out for awhile, wasnt really sure on how to approach... so i told him to tell her secrets. of course, couldnt hear what they were saying since i was behind the glass. one of my favorites with the stitching.

one of the few shots i actually used my flash. we took numerous shots at this setting, the doors provided a nice background.

inspired pose by one of their favorite photographers.

that grass was sure dirty and gets your skin irritated. paul's shirt got stained and my skin got all itchy. but it was well worth the shot i think.

gotta have the artsy shoe picture. told them to link pinkies to add artsy points ;)

tried to moriyama it up. bw high key, my attempt.

towards the end of the night of shoot 2, both my toes were in unbearable pain. but i had to go for the obligatory sunset shot. i was quite happy with the result.

one of my favorite shots from the whole set. from the condo, i had to do something "epic."

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