Tuesday, April 13, 2010

moving on..


been really hectic these past few weeks. moved and settled in, started work and all that good stuff. so now i live in saitama working at kaneko junior high and elementary schools. i love it! all the teachers are so awesome and the students are great. now apparently the guys think im cool too. found out that i have a fan club established amongst the girls... mind blown..

moving on! photographed my good friend's wedding, mike and kaori. once again congrats on the newlyweds! had a fantastic time there and got to practice my wedding photography.

also got a chance to ohanami at kichijoji, wonderful time.


thanks for viewing :)


christy said...

wow. the wedding photos are beautiful. and i'm very urayamashii of you chance to ohanami. i've never been to japan in the spring...

and about the fan club. wakarimasu :) kimi kakkoii kara. haha

not creative. said...



ジェイソンFan clubってこんな感じ?:


lulzz. best of luck at schooool.