Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 minus 7

finally something to write home about,

just finished up school not too long ago, heading overseas to japan in about two months. i can hardly wait! ill be staying in iruma, around the saitama area. it is about an hour away from tokyo. heard theres going to be a costco in iruma... wholesale boxes of flavored kitkats, excited. other than that ive had a fantastic start of a new year minus being fat. the next two months are sure going to be hectic.

lately ive been craving some dim sum and loco moco. i wish i could stop over at hawaii and get some loco moco before heading off to japan. legit...

in other news, bought a canon s90 since im too lazy to lug around my 5d all day. i guess the 5d is sorta like a weekend warrior now. so far im loving it.
i hope to update frequently with my 365 project on here as well. since im a few days behind, ill start with yesterday's picture, 8/365:

"8/365 - quick, that way!"

my first shots of the year... how'd you guess they would be of sunsets?

throwback :D


1 comment:

Akari Yamamura said...

dudee (this is akari) I'm jealous of your camera. hahaha :D

I hope you have time to take tons of pictures in japaan