Friday, October 2, 2009

until you got love


been busy lately, everythings so hectic. ive been here and there, just shot a wedding along with a few friends recently. as for now, im just having some coffee, reading the new york times and reading two legal studies books. on top of that, ive got to read 200 pages about the roots of jazz while listening to a cd with about 85 songs. very cool.

i kinda underestimated this quarter. hey its the last one, im supposed to just enjoy it right? but im overwhelmed! but im still alive... for now. i hope to go on a photo journey around campus when i find some spare time... to get away from it all and relax. so keep an eye out for an update very soon, perhaps next weekend.

but heres the moment youve been waiting for, the precedents:

congratulations to Robert and Sindee!

^(processed Ethan Caldwell)

more here:

there are a good couple more that needs to be processed, ill add them whenever i finish up on them.

also, helped out a friend in his party photography. first time shooting in that kind of environment, i was a bit intimidated. the pictures are sketchy, but try to endure them. they can be found here:



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