Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wont go home without you

hello readers (if any?),

so where have i been these past few weeks? well, the asia tour! sorta. i wished i couldve updated this when i was actually there. but unfortunately, china had blocked blogspot... among with other sites i couldnt live without.
my trip started out with guangzhou, china. went back to the roots, my parents og city. however, i could never live in china. after that, i headed to taishan for a week or so to sightsee and all that good stuff.

on to the pictures, shall we. please enjoy.

and then heres this bum i saw on the street of beijing road..

that about sums up three weeks. heres my china collection in my flickr if these are not enough for you: here!

on the way back home, i decided to stop by japan for a few days. it was exciting, went to the sky aquarium in roppongi hills, then disneysea in chiba. even though we didnt have much time, i loved every second of it. though i felt like ive lost something precious when i arrived back home..

overall, the trip was amazing. great photo opportunities and it was great seeing old friends and family. i just wished i had more time.


PokemonKrystal said...

sounds like a great summer. so how much did you spend all together??

mrt0o said...

it was really fun. i spent about 1000-1500$ on shopping... rents paid for boarding passes, hotels, food :)

theuptownlife said...

awesome. i'm one your subscribers. i would log on to my blogspot accounts for your updates. you have great photos man! :)

mrt0o said...

ah thanks uptownlife! :)