Sunday, October 19, 2008

serenity of ucsc

just submitted to the visual arts department for some "photography contest." its nothing special, i just wanted to show the simplicity and beauty of the campus, opers field... next to cowell. i picked this piece mainly because of the colours. i hope i win a cookie or something at least..

hella craving for some more froyo.. yo..

as much as i love gummi bears on froyo, shits hard as a rock. takes too much energy chewing... maybe ill play it simple and go with m&ms next time.


Anonymous said...

this picture is almost as cool as your friend, amy.

- from your #1 fan

Anonymous said...

If I was dying and this image passed through my eyes, I would die a happy muda bish.

Anonymous said...

nice... this deserves a cookie =]

mrt0o said...

thanks! :)